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Music for Dark Times

While current trends​ of extremism, violence, racial and environmental injustice as well as health care challenges

in the midst of a pandemic to many of us may feel like dark times indeed, Tibetan Buddhist scholar Chögyam Trungpa

Rinpoche, fonder of Naropa University taught that we are in fact living in the midst of a 500 year-long dark age.

Be that as it may, it will be up to each one of us to start developing tools and practices to gather inner strength to

overcome this darkness and bring peace and harmony into our own lives, our communities and our environments. The CD

"Prayer Flag Tunes" is my contribution to this quest. It is a musical meditation on the 5 colors of Tibetan Buddhism.

As soon as Covid-19 restrictions allow, I am planning to perform this music live around the world in the form of

invigorating and enlightening "sound healing concerts" with guided movement meditations and imagery. I am

also in the process of putting together a Maitri Massage Treatment, using tactile sound transducers,

colored lights and touch. To find out more please enter the MAITRI MUSIK MANDALA below.

Music & Film Releases 2020-2023

In the works are additional music releases and a series of guided meditations related to

each color and theme. We are also planning to start offering video guided exercises for both able

and disabled bodies, specifically designed to raise your spirits and help you feel centered and

grounded no matter which demanding or stressful situations you may find yourself in.

Music Releases 2020

April 1 - RED Maitri Touch

May 1 - YELLOW Maitri Breath

June 1 - GREEN Maitri Rhythm

July 1 - BLUE Maitri Flow

August 1 - WHITE Maitri Space

November 14 - PRAYER FLAG TUNES CD (all colors)

Film Releases 2022

December 21 - "Lifting the Veils - A Healing Journey"

Prayer Flag Tunes CD
Prayer Flag Tunes CD Cover.jpg


 (Music for Dark Times) 

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Lifting the Veils Film
a short Fractal Animation Film sampler exploring
the healing potential behind the 5 colors of Tibetan Buddhism


Fractal Animation by Brenda Molloy ©2021

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“Lifting the Veil is a cellular opener allowing for the instantaneous release of habitual patterns and toxic memories. As a psychotherapist practicing with those who have experienced critical trauma, Lifting the Veil could be a therapeutic tool for healing.

This is monumental. Bravo to Brenda and Wolfgang.”