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GREEN Maitri Rhythm

GREEN Maitri Rhythm is third in a series of five releases diving into the space of Sound Healing. Music for Meditation and Movement, based on the 5 Colors of Tibetan Buddhism.


GREEN Maitri Rhythm was recorded between 2006-2020 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and St. Ruprecht an der Raab, Styria, Austria. Thanks to my good friend Bernd Bechtloff for allowing me to use his "Bear Dance" rhythms and collaborating with me on this piece of music.


Wolfgang Blümel, guitars, producer, arranger, mixing & mastering

Bernd Bechtloff, aurophon, percussions, drums

Martin Brandstetter, maultrommel (jaw harp)


GREEN Maitri Rhythm, Rhythm of life, growth, Green Light ahead, forging your own path through the jungle of life. What will it take? Can you be successful in reaching your goals while still remaining centered and true to yourself? How narrow can your focus be without losing perspective?

GREEN Maitri Rhythm

  • This is a final mix 10.8 MB .MPEG-4 file at 44.1 kHz, 16 bits. If you are interested in the full version 105.9 MB .wav file please write and I will email it to you at no extra cost. Maximum file size at WIX Store is 100 MB

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