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RED Maitri Touch (single)

RED Maitri Touch is first in a series of five releases diving into the space of Sound Healing. Music for Meditation and Movement, based on the 5 Colors of Tibetan Buddhism. More colors and sounds to come soon ... Red Maitri Touch was recorded between 2006-2020 in Boulder, Colorado; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and St. Ruprecht an der Raab, Styria, Austria. Like all other Maitri songs RED started as improvisation, going through several refinement cycles and processes before reappearing in current shape and form. Wolfgang Blümel, producer, arranger, mixing & mastering Greg LaLiberte, contra-alto clarinet, surdo David Corell, keyboards, harmonium, percussion Bernd Bechtloff, kalimba, aurophon, percussion


RED Maitri Touch, first piece of music in a series of five. Every single moment provides you with the chance for a new beginning. RED, symbolizing fire, also stands for passion. The passion to connect. What would you like to connect to or reconnect with? What is closest to you? How about connecting the ground, the earth right there beneath your feet, connecting your own body which is always so immediate and close by? Feel free to listen to our guided meditation to give you some ideas on how to connect and stay grounded.

RED Maitri Touch (single)

  • This is a final mix 83MB .wav file in CD quality of 44.1 kHz, 16 bits

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